Keep the draft out

There’s nothing like winter weather to highlight air leaks in your clients’ homes. Gentek windows are an attractive way to get top performance and keep the drafts out:

Insulated Glass packages features a wide range of EnergyPlus and Solar Shield glass packages that let you customize your windows to meet the specific climate conditions of your home.
Variety of shapes and colours to choose from
Carries Vinyl and Aluminum Windows

Interior flooring – an instant makeover

Whether it’s a pre-Christmas update or a full-on renovation, Goodfellow’s wide selection of engineered flooring can give homes a quick uft.

Armstrong Engineered hardwood

Strong dimensional stabilitypli
Easy installation : glue directly on concrete, staple to a wood subfloor or lay as a floating floor without fasteners
Easy to maintain
Goodfellow Bamboo

Lighter than hardwood, but with the appearance and texture of natural flooring
Reacts very little to ambient humidity
Planks are machined with such precision that they fit each other to perfection, resulting in a smooth, even, totally magnificent finish.