Conquering the Myth – Windows do not cause condensation

Are you experiencing condensation on your windows? What is causing it? It is not your windows. It’s excess humidity in your home. If you reduce the humidity in your home, you will reduce the condensation on your windows. Download Gentek’s Guide to Common Household Condensation to learn more.

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Johns Manville

Johns Manville Climate Pro® blow-in fiberglass insulation custom fits hard-to-reach cavities and corners, making installation easier and faster. JM Climate Pro offers greater consistency of coverage and low dust, resulting in more efficient and comfortable installations. It offers R-values from R-12 to R-60, and to save time during installation.

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Miracle® LUMBER LOCK is a heavy-duty subfloor adhesive stronger than the lumber it locks together, formulated for adhering plywood to wood framing. LUMBER LOCK can be used on wet, frozen, chemically pressure treated lumber or untreated lumber. LUMBER LOCK reduces wood splintering & cracking, increases the strength of structural flooring systems and eliminates standard 2-layer floor systems. Lumber Lock also exhibits all-weather versatility, absorbs vibrations, and resists impact and deflection.

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Basement renovations for comfort

Basement renovations are a great way to extend living space and add extra coziness to your client’s homes in the winter months.

  • Armstrong ceiling tiles by Goodfellow come in a variety of patterns and designs to make the ceiling something worth looking at.
  • Armstrong engineered flooring offers an easy-to-install, durable alternative to wood in sub-foundation spaces where minimizing sub-floor height is a consideration.
  • WallDesign Panels are affordable, easy to install and made of high quality materials combined with 100 per cent recycled wood. They come in a variety of colours and textures to offer style to any space.

Insulate for warmth and efficiency

Renovations are an optimal time to check insulation, especially in winter. Johns Manville has an insulation solution for every space in your client’s home to meet their budget and energy requirements.

  • Climate Pro® blow-in fiberglass insulation custom fits hard-to-reach cavities and corners, making installation easier and faster.
  • CI Max® offers a great solution to basements left partially unfinished. CI Max is high-efficiency sheathing that can meet code requirements to leave facing exposed in unfinished areas.
  • FSK-25 batts are lightweight, formaldehyde-free thermal and acoustical fiberglass insulation designed with a foil facer that provides superior fire resistance as well as a vapour barrier