CertainTeed Gypsum

CT377L – SilentFX “Story”

The SilentFX Acoustic System meets rigorous STC and new ASTC standards with one extraordinary product collection. SilentFX QuickCut Drywall, Noiseproofing Sealant and Noiseproofing Putty combine to produce an exceptional acoustic system without complex techniques or excess materials. It’s the synergy of noise-reducing drywall, acoustic caulk, and heavy mastic putty that creates quieter spaces – everywhere.

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Fusion Stone

The patented FUSION STONE clip and screw technology was specifically designed with efficiency in mind.

  • Easy to Install
  • Increases Building Equity
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Affordable
  • Maintenance Free

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Get the best Return on Investment

If you’re daydreaming about some renos either now, or this summer, here is a list of the best returns on investment for your reno dollar. On any of these projects we can recommend some good local contractors to install them for you.

Entry Door Replacement – Your Top ROI Project

Steel entry door replacement is the project expected to return the most money, with an estimated 101.8 per cent of costs recouped upon resale, says Realtors’ ‘Cost vs. Value Report.’ The steel entry door replacement is consistently the least expensive project in the report, costing little more than $1,200 on average and was the only project on this year’s list to recoup more than 100 per cent of its cost at resale on a national level. Other projects that make a big financial payoff upon resale include a manufactured stone veneer (92.2 per cent of costs recouped), a garage door replacement (88.5 per cent), a siding replacement with fibre cement (84.3 per cent), a wood deck addition (80.5 per cent), and a minor kitchen remodel (79.3 per cent). Since 2003, replacement projects resulted in a higher financial return than remodeling projects. However, the gap between replacement and remodeling projects became bigger this year as both categories declined in value.

Front entry Doors (102% return) – We sell Kohltech -30 yr warranty on parts AND LABOUR, including seals www.kohltech.com

Manufactured stone (92% return) – We sell Fusion Stone. It’s easy to do yourself, check it out at www.fusionstone.ca

Garage doors (89% return) – We sell Steelcraft garage doors www.steel-craft.ca. We can install them for you!

Fibre cement siding (84% return) – We sell James Hardie, and can recommend some local installers for you. www.jameshardie.ca

Wood Deck (81% return) – We sell treated decking and Timbertech decking. Come in and ask Dwight to do you a quote complete with a 3-D drawing of your deck, it’s awesome. www.timbertech.com

Kitchen remodel (79% return) – We sell Euro-rite kitchen cabinets. Ask Dwight and he can give you a quote on your kitchen with a 3-D drawing so you can picture what it will look like. www.eurorite.com

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